Daddy’s Girl

Bedtime around here can get a little hairy scary… boys brushing teeth while chasing each other around the house while this Momma is trying to herd them into their bedrooms. Then there is always the “drink of water” request AFTER they are in bed. And the “I forgot to get my bear” plea…I am not the kindest Mommy at bedtime. If all goes as planned. They brush, drink, potty and hop into bed just in time for a good story and bedtime prayers. If they take forever goofing off…no story which equals tears from littlest bro. Now, this routine was crazy BEFORE we brought home Molly. Now I have her on my hip. If Daddy is on the couch, I pass her off and she will fall asleep all cozied up. Climbing up bunkbed ladders with a baby in tow can be a hazard. She is Daddy’s girl.


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