"Raise both hands in the air if…."

“…you are so excited to see Papa!!!” That is the cute line that came shouting from the back row of the van on the way to airport to pick up Papa! Peyton couldn’t contain himself. All hands went up. My Daddy made a special side trip to TN to meet Molly and spend time with us for a short but sweet 24 hours. He was down south for a John Deere event and took a few flights up to see us before he had to fly back to Alaska. Our time was as full as possible.
We had Friday to accomplish all of this: Cracker Barrel, tour of our Church, drive around town, visit the local John Deere dealership for a hat exchange, a walk to the park in 65 degree sunshine, tool time with the boys to repair a tree swing, basketball outside till dark, dinner, goodbyes, bed and back to the airport at 3am. Thanks Papa for going out of your way to spend treasured time with us. We LOVE you.


3 thoughts on “"Raise both hands in the air if…."

  1. Well, my computer is going to the shop tomorrow, so I won’t be able to update you for a week, probably. All of your guesses sounded way fun, but none of them were correct! Love hearing from you! Happy almost birthday Keaton!!!! What did Zach think of how Ella spent her birthday? Miss you guys! Love, Pam:)


  2. And if you were walking to the park in AK at 65, you wouldn’t be wearing long sleeves/sweatshirts!!! Looks like you had a great time:) Stay tuned to my blog for some family surprises soon…..No, I’m not pregnant!!! Involves my family in MN:)


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