New Family Member…

Keats 7th bday is approaching and with a giftcard from Grammy he adopted a new family member. Meet Nibbles the groundhog. We are not out of control Webkins people and Daddy can not stand stuffed animals. I’m trying to convince him that they won’t be around forever…so the policy is no more furry creatures in this house unless you give up one. Webkinz can be useful for school though. I’m not gonna lie. They have learned much about budget, spending and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from the online buzz. 30 min of tech time is what we allow.

I know some of you parents out there have played the games and shopped on Webkinz late at night…fess up!


3 thoughts on “New Family Member…

  1. Yep. You got me. But I don't hide & do it when the kids are asleep. Mine still ask for help sometimes when they get stuck, so in comes the parent to the rescue. ;0) It's fun to be the hero.Good to meet ya Nibbles. Hope you had fun at Sparky's.


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