Little Momma…

Molly loves her babies. Of course I am so glad she does, since I’ve been waiting for 4 years to have a daughter play dolls with me! My favorite thing is to see her go get a baby out of her room, bring it to me, take it back, kiss it and drop her on the floor. Such a 1 year old thing to do. Everyone keeps telling me that she will be all about cars, trucks and bmx with her bros…but I’m holding out for 100% princess ( but not HM).


2 thoughts on “Little Momma…

  1. SO cute! I love it when I see little girls toting their dollies around by one leg–and the other leg may or may not be intact. Hilarious! And…even if your little princess eventually ditches the dollies for cars, trucks, and BMX…I’m sure she’ll do it in a very feminine way. 🙂


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