Tornado Season makes me…

….CRAZY! Tonight is the first “outbreak” of the season for tornados and I hate it 🙂 Even though the twisters are an entire state away, it doesn’t matter because they are always come this direction. Several have torn up OK this afternoon and I am praying that the storm will die down before it hits us. I need to get over it especially living in TN otherwise known as the “new Tornado alley” but its no fun.

This time last year we were scared for our lives. Keat captured the blury radar pic between sirens during a break from the closet.
Tonight I will be getting the “closet” in order and loaded up with precious and important documents as well as working flashlights, food, water, first aid and some distraction for the kids in case we have to spend any great length of time in there. I’m not looking forward to this season at all. Did I mention I hate it yet? The good news is that tornado season gives way to glorious summer hotness in TN, so God willing we will get past it with no damage to our town or family and be in that pool in no time. I’m trying to be positive as I watch a news clip of things flying around OK.

This is not the headline I like to read on The Weather The memories are still fresh from the f4 tornado that ripped through Jackson a year ago. I think we are good this time around.

Dangerous severe weather outbreak
Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes have already affected areas around Oklahoma City. Damage has been reported!

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