Diets, Workouts and Dove Chocolate

So, I know my blog has been slacking as of late…I have a confession. I have two blogs now that I am trying to post on so Nighthowells is not receiving all of my attention these past two weeks.
I joined a “Biggest Loser Swimsuit Season Challenge” blog and have been trying to keep up with my progress or lack there of, as well as all the other great gals who are trying to get in shape for summer sunshine! We all pitched in $10, so the top two or three winners win cash for summer/beach wear!
I don’t want to bore ya’ll with the details but with my little plan…I am down 4 pounds in 2 weeks. BUT tonight I broke into a bag of Dove chocolates. What am I thinking??? We bought lots of fruit and veggies to help but I’m dying for some cinnamon toast crunch over here.

4 thoughts on “Diets, Workouts and Dove Chocolate

  1. A little Cinnamon Toast Crunch never hurt anybody…put some skim milk on it and chow down, Girl. Great job on the 4 pounds! Woo hoo! I have to get in a swimsuit in less than two weeks…I am VERY intimidated by that…


  2. Hey Jen! Great job on the diet! My little “treat” when I need one is dark chocolate (70% or higher), apples, and peanut butter. I smear the pb (organic, of course, with no sugar, or it doesn’t count!!) on the apple and take a bite of that along with a nibble of the choc. YUMMY!See? I get protein, fruit and antioxidants all at the same time! Aren’t mamas great at multi-tasking??


  3. Jenny you go sister! Great job on the biggest loosers swim edition. I don’t know what you’re doing (as far as dieting) but I have found that weight watchers has been the best thing for me! It’s been so helpful and I’ve learned to eat more healthy, watch my portions and learn what foods you can eat a lot of and what you should eat more sparingly. So there’s my thoughts…I miss summer! I’m ready for the heat too. I’m so excited that Cath gets to come and see you. I wish I could come too! Love and miss you much! ~Ash


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