It all began 6 years ago…

We took a job in Alaska at our home church and I was asked to lead the “freshman girls” who had a history of being a bit wild and finding someone to lead them was not going so well 🙂 I was the new youth Pastor’s wife, so of course I took the job with confidence hoping they would accept me. I had dreams of growing, mentoring and creating lasting friendships with these crazy girls.After four years of NO sleep, retreats, small group discussions, laughter, tears and too much chocolate… Six years later I have the priviledge of being tight buddies with several of my girls who are now sophomores in college. They know me best and I miss that connection so much.
Three of those girls are coming to visit in March and one of our crazy fun guys that was a part of that same group of freshman is coming down too! Drew is our cowboy and we feel spoiled to be a part of his life too! Watchiing God do His thing in Drew’s life is worth writing a book about. We spent a ton of time together in AK out at our house and I desperately miss having my kitchen full of these guys sitting on my counter eating brownies and talking about life, trucks, boys, boats and memories until the wee hours of the morning. I better log in some naps before they get here!


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