12 Guitars at 12 A.M.

Here I am, the night before Keat’s 7th Birthday, saying to myself, ” I thought I was going to make this a “simple” party! Its now midnight and I still have 6 electric guitars to cut out for tomorrow night. We were going for the ROCK BAND theme and yesterday I got my Family Fun magizine with great ideas just in time.

We will be making guitars and then putting on a rockin concert (Hawk Nelson is rock to my boys). Keat will be the suprise guitarist when he opens his real Fender Jr. Stratt. We found out that the drum set we got as the family gift for Christmas went on sale, so they honored the difference and we used that cash to buy Keats dream guitar! He is going to FREAK. My boys have talked about having a garage band since they could speak. All I can say, is tomorrow night this house will be jumpin’.


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