4 months makes up for 4 years!

I can’t believe that today marks 4 months since our daughter was placed in the carrier, and we said goodbye to our Foster Mommy in Seoul.
It seems as if she has been a part of us forever. I remember my blog friend telling me that once she was home, I would forget all about the horrible waiting.

I haven’t completely gotten over the wait and worry that we went through to get this baby home, but she was right…having her home for just four short months has taken away four years of wondering “What will she be like?” and “Will she love us?”. I finally have the answer to all my questions. She is amazing, funny, loving and TEETHING. She loves us, hugs us, kisses us and has attached beautifully to her new family. When I look at this pic of her checking me out at the subway station, I can’t help but wonder what was going through her mind… she has been through a lot in a very short time.

She’s home and is screaming in her bed, gotta go –


4 thoughts on “4 months makes up for 4 years!

  1. Ah, Jenn! So sweet…makes me think of the song that was just playing on Ella’s ipod. “Your my little girl, the one that God created….” It’s by GO FISH. I made a slideshow of her for her 8th birthday and used this music. Download if you don’t already have it! Here’s to little girls!!!! 🙂 Pam


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