Super Dads

Kris had this great idea to put together a camp out for Dads and sons! The catch was that you had to have three sons. Four Dads and twelve boys from Fellowship between the ages of 4 and 11 hit the road for the Tennessee river at Mousetail Landing.
As you can imagine it was crazy, fun and all BOY. When I asked him how it went his answer was, ” no one drowned in the river, got burned in the fire, or got lost in the woods….so all in all it turned out pretty good!” Keat chimed in with, “well, we actually DID get lost Mom…”.
They came home smellin like campfire with nasty socks and dirt filled shoes! As soon as I got a whiff of the outdoors and my guys, I knew they had made the most of their time on the river.
Thank you Daddy for investing in our boys and teaching them how to become men of God. These memories are the lasting kind!


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