Our 5 month old…

Molly Howell has been in our arms for 5 months now! I keep comparing it to having an infant from birth to five months and allowing for that same love, bonding and attention that we missed out on with her. Our lives are full from the love this little doll gives us and her heart has settled right in to being a Howell.
The day we met our daughter was a gift that only God could orchestrate. Peyton put it best when he said, “Mommy can you believe we got the best baby and the prettiest baby? Aren’t you glad we didn’t get any other baby?” She is perfect for our family. The daughter we had hoped for and dreamed about for years.
My heart goes back to Seoul often when I think of those first moments together in her culture with the women who gave her life and love until we arrived. She is so loved, so adored and treasured each day. I can only hope that orphans all over this country and the world can find their family that God has ordained for them. Adoption has changed our lives and hers…forever.


One thought on “Our 5 month old…

  1. Isn’t it just amazing! For us it seems like Gateon has been with us forever but it has only been 6 months! We had our last post placement visit today and getting ready for court! She is a sweetheart and we can’t wait to see you guys again in May!


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