Getting Crafty

My two favorite seasons for doing school art are Christmas and Spring! One of my best friends from childhood has a Mom who is a retired teacher (and an amazing one at that!). She passed down all her teacher idea magizines and I live by them every day. I just pulled out my spring stack and found some fun things to do with the boys. First on the list: feet spring chicks. The foot painting nearly killed them with tickles, but we survived. What is your favorite spring craft, treat or activity?


5 thoughts on “Getting Crafty

  1. Jen~ What magazines were you talking about that you get your crafty ideas from??? My girls BEGGGGG for crafts in school, but have difficulty finding good stuff! Oh, help me!!!BTW, I love the “nests” in the clear bags above! I’m going to have to take that idea!!! 🙂Chelle


  2. How cute. I loved making the jelly bean bird nests with my kids before Easter. They’re fun and colorful and you can eat them! Suggestion: If brushing it on is too ticklish, pour some paint in a shallow paper plate and have them step in it.


  3. Nice!! My 9 year old boy would never have done this, he hates things on his hands and feet, go figure! We just have a lot of friends that go to Fellowship Bible in Brentwood. Sorry to just now be getting back to you!


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