dinner, dresses & dancing!

So, I felt like I was on staff this past week…working in Kris’ office in the mornings, answering calls from parents and trying to get my talks ready! Thankfully I had tons of help to pull this off. Alison shopped and decorted, Angie cooked dinner, Carly, Jenn, Holly and Tina helped speak and Tricia put together some treats for the lesson. Thanks ladies, love you!
Next the girls were handed a black and white garbage bag and colored duck tape! Just the right ingredients for an amazing dress! They thought I was crazy at first…but check out these cute dresses! I was so proud of their 2 hours of creativity.
They practiced their runway walks and then the show was on. 2 hours of all girls crazy dancing followed the runway and we literally danced till fell over 🙂 They know ALL the moves to the High School Musical songs, so of course we had to dance every one. Lindsay is one of our fantastic Union leaders who is sadly graduating 😦 . We were spoiled to have her with us and that girl CAN DANCE! Never seen anyone so hysterical in my life on the dance floor. We got our grove on with the cupid shuffle and I was reminded how sweet it is to just be girls with no boys around. No pressure and no drama. It was a BLAST!
Kristen came and set up her massage table and surprised the girls with some relaxation too! She is awesome.
We officially shut down the party at 4am but I didn’t get to sleep until 6am…our morning session started at 9:30! J Roney came in with her green face mask on, ready to talk to us about removing our masks in our friendships. She was great and I’m soooo glad she was speaking and not me 🙂 Thanks Jenn!
Thanks to Mrs. Tina and India and Lindsay for setting aside this weekend and loving on our girls. Ya’ll are a blessing in their life and mine.


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