He doesn’t want to miss out…

My oldest son is turning 10 this summer. Going into the 5th grade…how can that be? Thankfully he has grown up right in front of our eyes literally! Teaching at home can be a bit crazy but when you hear them say, “ Mom…I feel like I am missing out on so much with Molly when I’m gone 6 hours a week! It makes me sad because I don’t think she loves me as much as Keat.” He is only gone 3 hours, 2 days a week and yet he feels the impact it has on his family life :). Precious. He loves his tutorial class and its a perfect balance for us. I feel like we are achieving what matters most during these years. A love for family, a desire to be a part of home and continually learning about God and how to live for him. We are just taking it a year at a time. I wouldn’t change our time at home for anything! The memories and growth he has been given here will stay with him. 5 years of bonus family life. He is changed because of it.


6 thoughts on “He doesn’t want to miss out…

  1. Hey Jenn!Looks like you all are doing well. Molly is getting so big and just as cute as ever! I would love to pick your brain about homeschooling sometime when you get a chance. I may just email you some questions:) Keeley just dropped her morning nap and that has thrown us off. I was wondering what Molly does while you are teaching.


  2. And what a fine husband & daddy he'll be one day! It wasn't long ago that we found an old notebook that Zach had written in….It said, “Ella, I love you. Zach” 🙂 I remember them writing in it in the car when I was bringing Zach home once….no idea what event we were at. Hey, maybe it was ice cream celebrating his baptism?….tell Zach that his bud Ella will be baptized on Easter!:) Claire too!:) Happy 10th Zacharyan!!!


  3. Wow, Jen….the big 1-0 is comin’ up. Unbelievable. What a blessing we can be the main influences in our kids’ lives during these precious, fleeting, tender, and formative years. Keep up the great work; you’ve got some little winners there!


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