Missing Mexico…

Our time in youth ministry at Wasilla took us to Mexico each summer. We took Keat and Zach when they were 2 and 4. We went again after Peyton was born with all three. Tent camping in the heat and bathing in bottled water was quite the adventure!
We met a little girl and fell in love. She tugged at Kris’ heart strings and stuck close to me like one of my own. She has no mother or father and lives with an elderly grandmother. She has numerous siblings but no one can take her in. We just heard from the Pastor’s son that her “house” burnt down. A house that was the dimensions of our closet…so she has nothing. The church is helping her with necessities.
On Kris’ last trip before we moved here, the Pastor told him, “Pastor, just take her…she wants to come with you!” Its def illegal to adopt in Mexico, so of course he couldn’t do that. Pray for Abby, that she will know the love of the Father and from us today. This little girl is full of joy and just by looking in her eyes, you can see Christ. She can sing like non other…we love you sister.

3 thoughts on “Missing Mexico…

  1. Oh… I remember meeting Abby two years ago and telling her I was your sister when we briefly stopped by the church. And her eyes lit up. Thanks for the reminder. I think of little Cesia and many of my other favorites from Grace Children’s Home often. He is Mighty to Save!


  2. Awwww, Jen. While I was in Mexico I too fell in love with Abby, and my heart longed for her to go home with Kris to your house. I saw the longing in Kris’s eyes to do something for her whenever she was near. She followed him around like a puppy. Thanks for this reminder to pray for our hermanas and hermanos, big and small, in Mexico. I look forward to knowing Abby in heaven, but I wish we could have walked together a while on this earth. Maybe you can take a group down this summer. It looks like WBC won’t be going that way this year again. Too bad. Mexico is an incredible place full of wonderful people.


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