sweet tart bunny art

We did some sorting at school yesterday with some bunny candy from Grammy! I read the Easter Bible they got from the egg hunt and we did a little candy pictionary to tell the story of Jesus from birth to resurrection. They did awesome.
Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve gave into temptation in the garden of Eden. “That snake was Satan Mom!”
God was saddened by how the beautiful, perfect world he created was corrupted and sinful. “So He had to send his perfect son to take away the sin of the world and that was JESUS.”

Jesus grew up and lived his life here on earth as an example to us of the love God has for everyone. “But then he rode on a donkey and He knew has going to die because that is what the Bible said would happen.”

Jesus died a painful death for us. “Jesus is God Mom, he could have come down, but he didn’t‘. That’s how we were forgiven.”

They placed him in a tomb. Believers waited and hoped. Others were glad he was gone. “That only lasted 3 days Mom, just like Jesus said.”

Jesus rose up out of that grave and appeared to many people. “They saw his hands and feet where the nails were and knew he was who he said he was!” Jesus went to heaven to prepare a place for us. He will return. “But many more people need to hear about God all over the world AND THEN HE WILL COME.”

Next started a ton of cool conversations about life, death, eternity and how each day is a gift that we can give to our God. I love 4 year old theology. I also love 7 year old questions that are heartfelt and often teary…”I really want to be in heaven as a 7 year old Mom. It will be more fun. I’d rather not go when I’m old and have wrinkles.”


One thought on “sweet tart bunny art

  1. So precious and priceless, Jen. Don’t you feel blessed with having such conversations with your children? I love your creativity with the candies, too;-)


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