Adoption has changed them too…

Our boys get to grow up loving their little Sissy who they waited for, hoped for and prayed for over the past 4 years. For Peyton, its all he remembers since he could talk. For Zdog, adoption has been a daily topic since he was 5! Keat has been asking about her since he was 3.
There has been a continuous, constant conversation about our Sissy in Korea. Not only do I love that God gave us just the three sons, in just the perfect order to grow our family…but he also knew that adoption would be on their hearts.
As we live day to day, I am reminded of how their hearts are stronger, bigger and more confident in Gods love because of our adopting Molly. Its easy to get caught up in the “adoption” scene and how we are doing such great things for children all over the world…and its very true and needed. But God is also at work in the hearts of the kids who have waited. And hopefully the adoption story will continue with their families!
For Sissy, she has come home to her God ordained family. God has been faithful to her. For our boys, He has given them the Sissy they have hoped for. God has been faithful to them. To the couple thousand of people who prayed, gave, and waited with us…again, hope fullfilled. Adoption is much bigger than we think and I am positive that the impact of this one child is far greater than my radar can even fathom.
She is our blessing. The fourth Howell. Arrived just in time. Not on my clock. On His.


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