Good Friday, Tornado Skies & Passion Texting…

We began the morning with more tornado watches. I didn’t think it was a big deal until we opened the blinds. The sky was a freakish black behind our home and sunny on the front…not a good combination.
I have become a tornado watch dog now that we live in Tn so I turned on the weather and opened up the laptop for a current status. This tornado touched down just below Nashvegas.
At the same time I am freaking out, Kris is at church finishing up service and sending out text msgs to all our students. You see, he has been following the events of the Passion and interacting with FSM through texting. I got the one that said “Gsus is now stripped/Beaten/Mocked/Pierced & Crucified. Notice d blood that’s on yer hands! We have jus nailed d King o Kings 2 his throne!”
I called family in Ak to pray because the storms were turning to tornadoes…they passed over us but began to fire up just north and east of us. The darkness of the sky today is especially real as we remember His death. As Keaton said, “its good Friday but its also bad Friday…”. On Sunday, I will get a text from Kris about His resurrection. I can’t wait for that one. Hopefully the clouds will part just when my text msg arrives!

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