Jesus on a cell phone…

Kris was interviewed by our local Jtown news about the Easter texting timeline he’s been sending out as the events unfold. About 100 students and leaders received the text msgs. It was tricky trying to get the msg under 160 characters and he spent a ton of time on his text pad, but it was good for all of us who got the updates. Z helped send out msgs too when Dads hand cramped up 🙂
Easter Texting
by: Jonquil
9:40 p.m.

This weekend many will remember how Jesus died on the cross. Its an Easter story that has been told for thousands of years. “The idea of telling and communicating the Easter story is always a challenge because its a story that we’ve heard for a very, very long time. Its the central truth of our faith,” says Youth Pastor Kris Howell.

Howell decided this year he was going to send text messages about specific events that happened during Easter 2 thousand years ago to members of his congregation. “Just getting a feel for when things sequentially, actually happened and I think the timing helps us get a better feel and underscores the meaning behind it all,” Howell says.

“I was hanging out with my friends not really expecting anything and I get a text message talking about the Passover when the Passover took place,” says Howell student Preston Davis, “I was like whoa. For the first time I really realized that this happened 2 thousand something odd years ago and it happened at this point in the day.”

Although some might think remembering Jesus on a cell phone is anything but holy, Howell sees it differently, “I think that all enhances and gives them a better feel for what actually took place.”


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