White and Brown Skinned Babies

I love playing with these cousins at bath time! Precious, pretty white skinned Annie and Beautiful brown skinned Molly together as cousins at 15 months 🙂 Sis was asking me about how I handle adoption comments in public. Molly is absolutely our daughter and Annika is absolutely my neicey and the color of their skin has nothing to do with the love I have for these girls. People usually ask, “where did you get her from?” or “Is she yours?”. The answer to both of these questions is simple. “She’s OUR girl!”. I have no problem with people saying how beautiful she is, cause she is.

Sis was reading me an adoption story out of one of my books and we were talking about how I don’t go around introducing my children like this…”Well, this is Zach he was born by c-section in Georgia, this is Keaton who was a text book delivery in Missouri, this is Peyton who almost didn’t make it via c-section in Alaska and this is Molly who was adopted from Korea.”


One thought on “White and Brown Skinned Babies

  1. I know you have met my friend Keli McAlister. She was adopted from South Korea as well. When I am out with her people ask her, “Where are you from?”. I LOVE her response to them…”Mississippi!!!” She was raised in Ripley, MS. Why does it really matter anyway???


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