Warming Up…

It’s been 5 great days since Sister and Annika arrived and TODAY Molly was chillin in her arms! Yesterday she carried Molly into Sams before the Mommy plea began.
Molly is finally getting it. Auntie is not taking her away and I am not leaving her with Auntie :). We are just together! The girls have warmed up to each other which includes protecting precious territory. Sis and I had all the toys in the family room and she said it looked like a nursery with all the stuff they had to play on/with.
There was plenty of playing AND pushing goin on. I saw some busy body bosy baby come out in my girl! Its been so fun to play with Annika and hear her talking all day long. My new nickname for her is “walkie talkie”. She is super close to walking and has taken a few steps here!


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