Prom & Grad X 8

Being in youth ministry allows me to experience prom and graduation every year…its here again. Prom was this weekend and one of our Union leaders went with me to see off one of our Seniors! We arrived just in time because she was having a shoe crisis 🙂
The best prom “getting ready” story I have is from Alaska though…one of my girls who is now married was having strappless dress issues. When I got there they brought me to the bathroom and the job called for none other than duck tape 🙂 Yep. I’m pretty sure we taped that dress to her and BAM she was ready to go!
Another gorup of Seniors are fiinishing up school this week and ready to rock n roll. I have this senior board with a little bit of Alaska, Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee on it. It reminds me that our relationships don’t stop after high school. That is prob the part I love most about building friendships with students. We get to move from the High School drama to real life with them. I am passionate about working through the drama and I treasure being part of their grown up lives. What an honor.

One thought on “Prom & Grad X 8

  1. This is so special!!! I love that you have all of your kids through the years on your board and its so fun to see so many faces I know. Wow! I even spotted all 4 Ryan girls…I can’t believe that! Wasn’t it just yesterday you were sitting behind us in church laughing at us and our braids/tights/hats?!?
    Love you! ~Ash


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