Bathtub Baptism….

I overheard a conversation going on in the tub about baptisim and it went something like this.
K “Peyton, do you want to be baptized?”
P “Will that make me a Christian?”
K “Nope”
P ” I want to be a Christian because I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.”
K “After you ask him to forgive your sins, then you can be baptized to show everyone that you are following Him!”
P “Do I pray with Dad?”
K “and Mom”
K “How about I baptize you right now!”
P “Here in the tub?”
K ” yeah, you just go under and right back up…”
P “like how LONG?”
I walk in at his moment and ask Peyton what a Christian is. He said, “Mom I believe everything about Jesus. I know he died, he raised up and is in heaven.” After the washing of his surfer hair we headed out to tell Daddy about what we talked about. Kris had all the boys come and sit with him for a life lesson on sin and our need for a Savior. It was the cutest conversation ever. Kris asked him, “Peyton, do you sin?” Peyton ansered “yes, like when I dont tell the truth or when I push or be ugly.” We got to hear a little boy express his need for God’s grace in such a childlike way. At the end of Dad’s theology review to make sure he understood for himself…then came the prayer that prompted a party in heaven that night. “Dear Jesus, thank you for coming to this earth, for not sinning so that you could die for my sins. I am SORRY. I believe you are alive and that you will come into my life and never leave me forever. Please help me to live my life for you. Amen”
So far we have Zach who became asked Jesus to live in his heart over a tough conversation after dinner about green beans and obedience. Age 3
Keat who broke into tears right before a nap up in his bunk bed because he was having a hard day getting along. He said, “Mom I am ready to become a Christian because I need God’s help”. Age 4
and now Peyton just one week of turning 5 decides in the bathtub with his brother teaching him about the way to faith in Jesus.
This is the greatest joy of being a parent. Nothing else even comes close to seeing your son listen and take in the truth of God’s word.

7 thoughts on “Bathtub Baptism….

  1. How awesome!!! Praise God for this good news. Tell Peyton how excited the Morrises are! I love these stories. The sweetness of it all just brings me to tears. We’re rejoicing with the heavenly angels today!!!!!!

    And way to go big brother. We are already seeing your “fruit”


  2. What precious childlike faith this is. Jen, I’m so excited and encouraged to read what Keaton said to Peyton in the tub. He knows it in his heart and that is so amazing!!! 🙂 And Peyton, being ready for that conversation and responding in repentance and faith. Praise the Lord! I’m so excited.


  3. Yeeeeehaaaa! Give my little “brothers” some hugs from me and the boys! It’s awesome to know that even though there wasn’t time for us to get to know them really well here…we’ll have eternity to do so. On a side note…we have a friend who was baptized a couple weeks ago, and we had the honor of being present for it. Off and on over the last couple weeks, Noah and Kaleb have been “playing baptism” on the couch and talking about when they will be baptized some day. And, we’ve had lots of really cool conversations about truth. You’re so right…there is NO greater joy than witnessing our precious childrens’ walk of faith.


  4. Yahoo for Peyton Jeff!!! Way to be a witness Keat!!! I agree, Jen…there is NOTHING like witnessing your little ones opening their arms up to Jesus. Brings happy tears, for sure!


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