we’re on VACATION :) part 6/The Vickers Fam

We squeezed in an overnighter with the Vickers! Courtney was one of my gymnasts and now is my Friend 🙂 During our stay at the college we became close with her family and Brenna is also one of my dear mentor friends. I could talk to her all night about life! We didn’t get there till 10pm and I was dying to meet their newest surprise blessing WESLEY! They have two daughters, one in college and one in 6th grade then this cutie came along. It was so neat to see them with a son. This family loved on Zach for his first two years of life and now to take him back at almost 10 years…..time is flyin! It was a privilege to spend some time chatting with Court and catching up with her dreams and passions and …..boyfriend. Yep, my girls have serious men in their lives. She is a mature girl with a desire for missions and she is running hard after that passion. I can not wait to see where God takes this sweet girl and what an honor to be in her life here and there.


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