we’re on VACATION :) part 11/sand

I was honestly thinking that sand plus a baby would equal a nightmare…but after the first day or two of sand in eyes, mouth, nose and ears…she just played in the water and put shells in the bucket! I think our family has provided much entertainment this week for the beach community. Boogie boardin, sand castle buildin,kite flyin and lots of splashin marked our territory in the sand this week. One afternoon, Peyton announced loudly over the roar of the ocean, “I HAVE TO PEE AND I CAN’T MAKE IT TO THE POTTY!”. I told him to go and sit in the waves and go. Well, Keat heard that and I turned to check on Molly, looked back and saw two white bums standing in plain view, peeing in the ocean. I am sure the umbrella renting vacationers got a kick out of that. Oh the joys of boys.


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