we’re on VACATION :) part 12/lovin it

Kris keeps saying, “I had no idea we would have this much fun here!” The kids have loved chillin and playing and we are soaking up pure and simple family time. This trip came at a perfect time…at the close of the school year and right before we go to Nicaragua. No one wants to leave, so we aren’t! We reserved ONE more night just because we are lovin it!


4 thoughts on “we’re on VACATION :) part 12/lovin it

  1. YAY! I am so happy for your family- what a perfect spot for your kiddos. Your boys do look like they belong on the beach, just like me!!! I wish! Thanks for ALL the priceless pictures. Have a fun last day, Rachel


  2. I was wondering the same thing about the # of bathing suits. She looks great in all of them.
    I am so glad you all are having fun. Those white sandy beaches are addicting. Enjoy this great family time & we'll see you soon.
    Oh- you had me cracking up about the “bathroom” story. I can only imagine what people were saying about you. You gotta love those boys. ;0)


  3. F U N!!! I have LOVED all your vacation pics, can’t wait to talk. Happy Birthday to Peyton Jeff today!!!!! Well, it’s yesterday now, I should get to bed! Love ya, these pics are priceless.


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