One Heck of a Day…

I hate it when my kids are hurt or sick. Who doesn’t? Today put me over the top…seriously. Zach told me about an area of swelling that did not look normal so we called a Dr. from church who thankfully zipped us in to the office for an appointment. I actually felt like we were getting presidential treatment today and for that I know we are blessed to work at a church where they take care of us like family! After his appointment that was NOT so fun he ordered an immediate ultrasound in which we showed up and moved straight back with no waiting. My almost 10 year old was brave but still a little boy too. For now a round of antibiotics should take care of the problem, if not we will have to look at the kidneys to see if that is the source. I took him out to lunch and enjoyed my time with just Zach :). We came through the door to the back patio and heard Keaton screaming. Keaton never cries that hard for very long. I knew he was hurt. Looks like a tendon tear or a fracture. No, I did not run him to the Dr. but borrowed a brace from a neighbor until tomorrow. So I have two boys sitting on my couch. One with a hospital admin bracelet on his wrist and the other with a brace. Hurry and come bedtime so no one else gets hurt!

2 thoughts on “One Heck of a Day…

  1. Oh Jen my mama heart aches for you. Those kind of days are NO fun. I am praying for healing for both of your sweet boys…and for good rest for all of you tonight.


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