He Wrote Me a Poem…On the Airplane :)

At our beachside dinner, Randy took this great pic of me and my man. It is by far the best pic we have together. Guess the no makeup, fresh out of the ocean look is what made it so sweet! On our last flight home from Nicaragua I got to sit with him and he told me he had a surprise…when he opened up his laptop, this is what I read. What a treasure. It is going on my wall. I love how he tweaked Prov 31 for ME 🙂 I will never attain that status in this lifetime but I am thankful for a husband who sees the best in me and isn’t too proud to let me know. Thanks baby for all the special ways you love me. I am honored to be your wife and will continue to love you in good times and bad times.


2 thoughts on “He Wrote Me a Poem…On the Airplane :)

  1. Ahhh Jen, what precious, precious words these are and Proverbs 31 and Kris' tweaking couldn't have said it better about you. You will treasure this the rest of your life…and I agree that this is an amazing picture, sun, ocean, sand and all! 🙂 You both are a gorgeous couple of God's grace and love! Thanks for sharing Kris' heart for you with us. ~Ash


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