The 4th was a little scary for us. We were at a friends party when Z came to me saying that he was going to get sick…we made it to the bathroom where I spotted some blood in the sickness on the floor. He spiked a fever and had a severe headache. I had a nurse that was there call 911 to come check him out. We ended up taking him in because of some previous infection the month before and wanted to make sure there wasn’t a connection in his blood. So there we waited for 4 hours while blood was drawn, shot meds were given and results were being calculated. Still not sure what is going on but he had another ultrasound today on his kidney and bladder areas. He will see a Ped Urologist on Friday and hopefully find out and get rid of what his body is fighting. Please pray with us for safety and restored health for our sweet son. About 1:30 am as we were trying to leave the hospital the tornado sirens were sounding! I know, seriously lets just handle it all in one night :). We made it home safe. As you can see Molly was quite the cute distraction for us that night.

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