Lollipops vs IPhones

So, I just had a pretty serious conversation with my almost 10 year old about buying his first car and getting his learners permit. Yes, I realize we are 5 years away from that scene…but seriously he is growing up way to fast for me. The pressure of this culture is causing my son to think he NEEDS and IPhone. There is no stinking way. Thankfully turning ten means we have 3 more years until the teenager times. While I am happy to have a son who is the BEST oldest brother/first born who is both helpful and responsible…my hearts desire is to keep life simply, pure and innocent for him as long as possible. He will grow up but I pray not according to the cultures standards or time lines! For now, lollipops sounds like a better option :).


3 thoughts on “Lollipops vs IPhones

  1. I'm with ya, Jen. Our 12-in-six-days- year old doesn't have any of that stuff, either. He informed me as a sixth grader last year that he was the only guy in his y. group small group w/out a phone. I told him when he can drive and has a reason for a phone, we'll discuss it. Until then, he'll have to make all his important calls from home!


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