Molly the Word Whisperer…clip

// have a little list of words Sissy says and every time I try to get to her say them for ya’ll she WHISPERS! Not sure what is up with that but here ya go :). For the word “cat” she does indeed lick her arm. Thanks to Daddy teaching her that trick…she is doing so great with language!


3 thoughts on “Molly the Word Whisperer…clip

  1. This is so sweet, Jenny! I love hearing Molly talk and also hearing your sweet voice. I sure do miss you so much! It's been way too long. Snif! Love you!


  2. Too cute Jen! Zachary was watching the little video with but then walked away toward the end. He was still close by so he could hear it. When you said “Ahn-yung hasaeyo” his ears perked up and he said 'Huh?” He was so surprised to hear someone speaking Korean. I'm glad he recognized it though. It was quite cute. 🙂 And so is Miss Molly.


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