Not a Nursery Fan

Sissy is not a fan of the nursery at church. It is a super fun place to play and be loved. It makes no sense to her why I would ditch her there when she is with me all week at all times! I am trying to ease her into the environment but she isn’t buying it. All my boys also had separation issues at this age, so part her trouble is just her age. My heart is much more sensitive to Molly because she has actually been through separation twice in her short life. I’m okay with her not liking it for now and am hoping that over time she will be at peace with me letting her play with the other kids for an hour a week! Tori was trying to let her know it was okay :). There are a ton of people at church who would die to hold her and tote her around all morning and I am praying that she will soon know the peace and love that she has with our church fam. For now though, I will let her feel the safety she craves and developmentally needs.

One thought on “Not a Nursery Fan

  1. Do you blame her? I wouldn't want to leave my mama if she was as cool as you too!!!!
    I was sitting here on the computer & Noah woke up. Before he even said good morning (which he always does)he asked if that “woman from the barn” had looked at his blog. It took me a minute to understand what he was talking about. So he told me to send you the link. ;0)
    I love that boy!!!!!!


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