Our Yellow House

We’ve been wishing we were Alaska enjoying the mountains, fishing and family! During a deep conversation with my boys about why we can’t just
“go” to Alaska for a month ($$$$$$$), Keat had a great thought. “Mom, it’s no problem because when we get there we can live in our yellow house!” Sweet idea but her forgets that we kinda sold the yellow house. I too miss that cute house, our great neighbors and my Sis and Dad just around the corner. I think I love it so much for all those reasons and it was our very first house that we picked out the plans for and watched be built. For now, we will just have to enjoy the memories and pics from that yellow house.

3 thoughts on “Our Yellow House

  1. The yellow house is empty right now….some summer days can be logged in over there right now! I wish we could shine our flashlights at each other one more time….maybe we will do it tonight just for ole times sake, and think of all you boys plus a little lady.


  2. Well, Gavin plans on buying “Keat's yellow house” anyways when he grows up… so they can come stay anytime! 🙂 Ahhhhhh… the days of walking over and popping by with an egg or some brown sugar. MiSs YoU!!!!!


  3. Ah….”that yellow house” Tell the boys that when they're big they can move back to Alaska and Tom can build them EACH a yellow house to live in with their wives!:)


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