Now I Know What a Redneck Is!

So…in Alaska they have Rednecks that fit a totally different description than those of the south. Alaskan rednecks really just have a ton of blue tarps all over the yard covering things from snow an ice. They cover cars, roofs, tools and whatever else. Duck tape is also a qualifier for being an Alaskan redneck. Although Alaskans pride themselves in holding boots, skis, snowmachines, car parts (including windows), and clothing together for the zillionth winter…Duck tape does have a “cool” factor as well. We are celebrating the mid southern Rednecks this Sunday at our FSM kickoff. It’s going to be hysterical, competitive and rowdy. We have a few guys at FBC who are known for their professional Redneck abilities. They even had real Billy Bob teeth made to fit for all their gigs. Serious. Can’t wait to show ya’ll the pics.


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