Redneck Olympics…simple but memorable

We showed up to the field complete with steaks in the ground (not the eating kind) and a kiddie pool filled with muddy water. Then the students came. Next the parents and then the games begun! A crowd of kids with a cheering audience full of amazing families made the night more memorable than any high maintenance event! We really just “celebrated” being simple. The Rednecks are like Cowboys. They are proud of the way they do life. I was talking to a leader friend who said, “ya know I think we all have country in us…that’s why this is SO fun”.

Horseshoes with (new) toilet lids

Kiddie Pool with (new) muddy water

Truck pushing competition + corn

Tire rolling for distance

Tire stuff

Kick the Cat (stuffed Tiger)


2 thoughts on “Redneck Olympics…simple but memorable

  1. Jen! just browsed the “late night howells” page and LOVED IT! i think about you guys often and miss your sweet faces and little molly's too. From the redneck fsm pictures it looks like everything is going great! just wanted to pop in and say hello. tell the boys and kris the same for me, will ya? love you!
    katie hayes

    by the way, i recently started a blog so you can check it out if you want! it's


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