On the Other Side of the World

Last October we landed in the USA with our baby girl. She has now been home with us longer than the time she spent in Korea! Sometimes I wonder if she every gets that “are they going to hand me over to someone else?” baby anxiety. This little girl has grown us all in so many ways. Our faith has been tested, our minds stretched and our hope fulfilled. She spent the first 9 months is S.Korea waiting for a family to scoop her up and love her. We are priviledged to be that family. I can’t even wrap my brain around giving her up after spending 9 months with her. That is the heroic act her Foster Mother did for us. I am completely thankful that this home is where our long awaited baby has become a Howell and her time without a family is now outweighed by her family.


4 thoughts on “On the Other Side of the World

  1. Oh…I love these pictures of Molly girl…especially the one of her and daddy. So precious. I hope the day comes soon where I get to meet her. So many prayers the Lord has answered in her and in you guys! Love you!!


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