Refreshed and Recharged

Friday morning at 6am began my journey to Destin, Florida! I felt like I was going away to camp. Was it really happening? Where we driving 10 hours south to hit sunny Florida with 10 Moms? Was this even legal? It hit me when we gathered at our meeting place and everyone was passing around good coffee and muffins…that I was on my own for a short time. Moms don’t think about themselves at home or take time for themselves much so this was weird for me. I had to remind myself on the roadtrip down to breath deep and not worry about what Sissy was eating for lunch, if school was done, loading the dishwasher before Daddy was home, if there were puddles of pee pee on the toilet, putting away toys at night or disciplining kids.I was also able to set aside many burdens I have for a few friends. The weight is heavy and I needed to see that huge ocean and hear the power of the waves crashing to be reminded that I can’t change the situations…He surely can.

I breathed in much laughter, shared stories and best of all learned that everyone else was experiencing similar things in their lives. I fully enjoyed picking out whatever my heart desired for dinner, sitting on the beach and staring out into the great wide ocean, digging my feet into the warm sugar sand, taking walks that brought on good talks, staying up late with the girls and sleeping on the couch with HGTV lulling me to sleep. I didn’t take one minute for granted. Each moment that passed was time well spent soaking up vitamin D and being encouraged by other women to love my husband better and to pour into my children daily because there is no guarantee of time.

2 thoughts on “Refreshed and Recharged

  1. Jen, you are a hard person to get a hold of! I have had your tshirt for 3 weeks and can't get it to you! We will be in Jackson on Friday night if you would like me to bring it to you. Call my cell and let me know. I can also mail it if you will not be available on Friday. BTW, glad you had a great time on your get-a-way. Jennifer


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