Lessons in Southern Lingo…

I stopped at a gift store on the way down to the beach! Found these shirts for ya’ll to see. These are real, everyday sayings here that make me smile. Here is a lesson in southern lingo.
Me: “Do you run much?”
Southern Friend: ” No Ma’am, I yusta cood!”
Me: “Hey how is your week going?
Southern Friend: ” Great! Heyhireyew? “
And my most favorite of all times and most commonly used phrases here (that can easily go before a bad statement about someone and make that statement perfectly kind)
Me: “How did her delevery go….everything okay?”
Southern Friend: “Bless Her Heart…she gained 50 pounds and is just feeling miserable. God lover her.”
If you end your statement in “God lover her” then you can really say whatever you want about someone and then close it up with a “God love her”.


4 thoughts on “Lessons in Southern Lingo…

  1. Love these, Jen! Whenever I hear “bless her heart” I always think of my grandma, she says that ALL the time, only it's usually “well, bless her (or his) little heart” LOL


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