Blog Blank

If you stop by Nighthowells often…you’ve noticed maybe that I have been way laid back on my blogging journey. Not exactly sure whats up with that other than I am trying to not be so consistent for this purpose. It is a purpose that God showed me at the beach and even before my little vacay. My time on here logging life must not interrupt my Mom/Wife opportunities :). So I’ve taken a pause here and there and I’m good with it. I don’t quite know what to post about these days! I do love sharing my crazy life with ya’ll and reading about yours but I’m not quite as motivated as I usually am. I think there must just be too much stuff to share, so I just opt not to! Anyway, there is my update. All is well, life is full and we are loving fall as we know it in Tennessee.

One thought on “Blog Blank

  1. Noah and Kaleb are looking at your blog with me. They love to see all the pictures of the kids! Kaleb saw this picture of Molly…and with a VERY sad voice he said, “Oh…she look like she got a little nail stuck in her somewhere.”

    On a totally different note, I empathize with the computer vortex. It can really steal our time if we don't watch it. I am lamenting ever starting facebook. Been great to re-connect with some old friends, but the temptation to check that thing is always there. I think I'm going to wrap that up and get back to blogging…occasionally. 🙂


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