"Guess what Molly?"

As we were walking up the stairs to the courthouse downtown, Keaton says in his sweet big brother voice, “Guess what Molly…today you are going to become a Howell!” Friends filled the little hallway leading to the courtroom where a little Korean princess waited with three balloons. One from each big brother. Originally we thought our guests wouldn’t be able to witness the hearing because we were going to be in a small office. The sheriff saved the day when he came out to announce that since we had such a great crowd, that the judge would allow us to come into the courtroom. We filed in with all our children and the Howells took their seats in front of Judge Butler and our kind attorney friend (huge Molly fan) Mr. Clay. The raised our right hands and swore to tell the truth. Then the questions began about our commitment to our daughter. Butler approved of our capability to be great parents for Molly and granted us her adoption. He came out of his seat because he wanted a picture with our rockstar who happened to be very grumpy and sick. We could barely remove the bottle for a few pictures! Also sitting in the courtroom were people getting ready to hash out a nasty divorce case over money. They weren’t so happy but I hope that by Judge having us come in and finalize our adoption with balloons, smiles and hugs…just maybe they got a glimpse of what a family could look like.


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