Over the river and through the woods…

Its here! We get to go to to Missouri to be with Nana for Thanksgiving and we are all excited for vacation! Bags are packed and are looking forward to a week of fun. Our agenda once we arrive looks like this. The boys take a lap around the house, give hugs and visit, open up the fridge, cupboards and drawers and find all their special treats that Nana has been stock piling for months. Another treat (well not exactly) is that Nana has Disney Channel…completely overwhelms this no cable/tv watching family. So basically its like we are at a hotel for a week and going out on excursions each day to give the 2 bedroom duplex a break from the 7 people crammed inside! More updates from Disney Nana Land to come if I can borrow a Internet connection from her neighbors. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

One thought on “Over the river and through the woods…

  1. Okay 1st – love the pics. 2nd – you HAVE to check out Brain Surge on Nickelodeon. I put it up there with Electric Company. We stop everything & turn on tv for that one. and 3rd – we will go to Andy's sister-in-laws family for lunch (unfortunately it'll be the last one with them due to cancer) And then on Sat. I'm heading up to Paris for a friend's wedding. Hoping to get the decorations out & enjoy a little R&R. Enjoy your time with Nana. Tell her I said hello.


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