Screaming WHY????

On the way home from Missouri today I got a terrible call that one of my closest girls had died last night in Hawaii. Kris pulled over so I could get out of the van full of kids and run. It was like a bad dream where you are screaming but nothing comes out.. then out came “GOD NOOOOOOO NOT CASSIE…WHY??????” I knew better then to let those words out of my mouth but that was reality. Just as quickly and loudly that those words came out of MY mouth, God shoved them right back at me.

This is where I sit tonight. Asking God “Why” and having “Because it was time to heal her completely” shoved back at my face. Death stings here on earth but in the midst of my sadness, I know that Cassie is finally understanding the love and forgiveness that is hers in Jesus Christ. If you pray, please bring her family before God and beg Him for that peace that passes all understanding. I have had the privilege of being in Cassie’s life for many years and know that this devastation will be miserably hard for her parents and three sisters. Pray with me and hug your family extra tight.

Tearfully Hopeful, Jen


5 thoughts on “Screaming WHY????

  1. I'm so sorry to hear this sad news Jen. What a reminder of how precious our time is together here and now. I am so glad you will see her again one day. Love and comfort to you…that only our dear Saviour can give.


  2. Oh Jenn I am so sorry for your pain today. There aren't enough comforting words in our language to make days like this better. But, I can pray & I will. Our Lord of Lords & Wonderful Savior can provide that peace & comfort that you need. If you need a break this week to just get away, call me. The Morris clan can get over there in a dash.


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