Molly the Model…

It happened. I have been so antsy to get up to Alaska so my friend Carrie could take pics of my family! Carrie is a dear friend who we got to know through student ministry. She did all the admin and much more for Kris at Wasilla Bible. Her job description did not include getting to know me and my kids but it happened. Since then, she has been off to photography school and going on tons of adventures. Now living back in Alaska and capturing lives with her lens…Carrie is doing some beautiful and creative work up there. On my three day whirlwind and on my last day in Alaska, just a couple hours before Cassies funeral 😦 we met Carrie out in the snow for some quick but cold shots. Carrie, thank you for being you and taking time to do this shoot on the fly and edit them so beautifully with all your other photo jobs! It was breathtaking seeing these for the first time. My girl, whose adoption story started in Wasilla, Alaska with loads of fans supporting and praying her home actually came home to Tennessee which is much different than we had planned, but God is wise. She has doubled her fan club and the hearts touched by her story have traveled wide. Thank you Carrie for loving our girl years ago, for praying for our family as we felt life was out of control and for being that gift to the Howells that “gets” our life purpose. WE LOVE YOU.


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