White Rooftops

I woke up with a “Jen, wake up..you’re not going to believe this…” by my man. I knew it…SNOW :). Just enough of a dusting to brighten outside and cover the rooftops with a chilly snow dusting.It wasn’t enough to sled but it was SNOW which was pretty amazing considering last night it was 60 and flash flooding :). Thanks God for giving my 5 year old his hearts desire. He is sure that it will snow lots of inches soon but last night it just didn’t seem like Christmas Eve with the down pour of rain! Waking up to this white surprise was a gift and a reminder that He does know our thoughts, hopes, fears and shares in our joy. Hope ya’ll had a memorable day with family and friends. Wishing you and yours God’s peace that only comes from Him alone. May your days be full, well and focused on what matters. Since the passing of Cass, my heart has been entertaining more thoughts of heaven and this life on earth than ever before at the holidays. The time with my family is precious and I am in awe that God would give me such an incredible life. Its a life that I don’t want to waste living selfishly. I want to walk in humble obedience but serve Him the best I can.

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