6 more days to celebrate!

No we are not having 6 babies…We have this friend that has a cool tradition that I have been envious of since we moved to Tennessee. Each New Years Eve, him and his wife pick a “Celebration Day” for the new year. It can be any day you want.
Its not your birthday, anniversary or any holiday. Its YOUR CELEBRATION DAY just because. The catch is you can’t just pick one any time, it must be chosen before 12 am on New Years Eve. We got the call that night at 10pm and had 2 hours for all 6 of us to look at the calendar and pick our days.
Our rules were, it couldn’t be your birthday month and you don’t get presents but you get to chose the meals and the games or places we go as a family.
When we announced the exciting news, Peyton Jeff clearly shouted “MINE IS TOMORROW!” So it is, Peyton Jeff’s Celebration Day is Jan 1. I picked a warm summer day with hopes of laying by the pool all day with sweet tea. Here’s to 6 more days on a packed out calendar to party with the Howells :).

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