Life Lessons on Poverty @ Howell Elem.

Last night I packed brown bags with a small amount of food that needed to last from breakfast to dinner today. Packaged inside were 2 crackers, 15 peanuts, 1 small orange slice, half piece of bread and 1/8 of dry cereal. To drink they had 1/3 of a water bottle. I taped closed the pantry and fridge with the signs that reminded them that what we have is a privilege and not a right. All day we have been talking about Haiti and the needs around the world and how that might feel to be hurt, sad, lonely and hungry today in Haiti. They were up for the challenge until Peyton ate all his food by noon with only water left. No lunch when we came home from Moms n More…just sips of water! He put up a fight before nap time but I read him a story and he went to sleep. I reminded him that when he has the stomach flu…he doesn’t eat for a day or two and is just fine! When rest time was over we had some excitement! “Relief Workers” came to our tent and passed out 3 crackers each. That was enough to motivate them to go outside and collect more donations. Since 5pm last night till 4pm today, they have raised $100 for Compassions Haiti efforts. We will be serving rice for dinner and then at 8pm they get to eat pizza that they weren’t allowed to eat at church today. Their teachers were so kind, they decided to not serve the pizza to the class and instead, packaged it all up in a brown bag titled “INTERNATIONAL AID COMFORT PACK” for the Howell boys. I am proud of how they have grown, asked questions and encouraged one another and hopefully experienced some moments of dependence of God, His grace and compassion.


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