Turning 2!

Our baby princess is having her 2nd birthday tomorrow! She is grown up so much from the day she was placed in our arms! She clearly fits into the 2 year old category with her favorite words being “no” and “mine” :). I have been seeing glimpses of what this toddler will be like as a young girl. Her personality is coming out in full force and she is so SILLY and FUN! There is nothing better than having a house full of outdoor smelling boys mixed with the little pitter -patter of feet followed by a loud squeal to balance out the Howells. This years party will not boast 100 guests like her traditional Korean celebration last year. Just 6 favorite 2 year old girlfriends coming over to “Molly’s Marketplace”. A morning full of imaginative role play and fun! Happy Birthday to our blessing, our gift and the best reminder in our lives that God has adopted us with His everlasting love.

3 thoughts on “Turning 2!

  1. You are too funny! I totally forgot the question I asked you, I can't even remember what happened an hour ago! 🙂 No worries, if I think of it, I will give you a holler! And a very happy birthday to your sweet princess. Your family is beautiful!


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