13 days of hospitals…homecoming in sight for Gordon!

Thanks to our amazing babysitter whose presence causes our kids to jump up and down…Kris and I got to make a trip to Nashville to see Gordon at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Today marks 13 days of hospitalization for this boy! He has been through way too much to try and explain but the short version is that his kidneys are showing signs of life, his blood pressure is back and heart rate is safe.
His body is trying to fight off this infection and clean out the blood which required loads of lines, tubes, and meds all going in through a central line. That line is removed, he is on his home vent and is now handling small amounts of IV food! All very great news. In 13 days this family has gone from not knowing if their precious son would pull through…to he might come home in a few days :).

We got to sit at his bedside with his Dad and listen to all that the Docs had shared about his progress and organ function. His color was back, toes were no longer dark purple and he was responding like he usually does! Randy shared some teary moments with us about God providing in the small ways and Kris shared some teary moments about how this trial is serving as an encouragement to us and how cool it was that God trusted this family with this son and his needs. They are incredible!!! Randy and Susan have 24 hour nurse car for G and so I usually see the nurses at youth or church making sure G is okay, comfy and safe.

When we walked into his PICU room at Vandy, there was Doc. Daddy cleaning wounds, listening to lungs with the steth, hooking up vent tubing, positioning him, holding him up so he could see something new, putting on his fav relaxing music and watching monitors to see his stats and keep track of his heart rate and how anxious or uncomfortable he may be.

My favorite part (not to minimize the knowledge and confidence of a father medically taking care of his sons needs to survive) was the way he was Dad to his son. I loved hearing him carry on conversations with G like, “G Mommy had to go home for a night..your brother and sisters are missing her so much. You know, you have really been hogging Mommy!”

Although G’s polio has him confined to his chair and bed…this guy is sharp! I watched his eyes as he followed the nurses around the room like a hawk. Before we left we got to pray with him and Randy said, “here let him squeeze your finger..”Kris grabbed hold and there went that index finger in agreement as we asked God to continue His healing. We are all anxious for this family to get back home and for Gordon to be in the clear and functioning to the glory of God alone.

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