adoption stories & our girl

I saw a gal today at basketball games who looked part Asian. She was beautiful and kept looking at Molly with a sweet smile. We met in the hallway and she asked, “Do you mind if I ask if she is adopted?” I said, “Yep, she sure is!” The was talking on her phone and said, “Hold on Mom… OH MY GOODNESS she is so gorgeous!! Is she Korean?” I answered again, “Yep, she sure is!!”. She went on to tell me that her Mother was adopted for South Korea at the time of the Korean War. She was found in an alley way in a comma waiting to be found. She was one of the first adoptions that HOLT did at the time of the war! She went on to show me pics of her Mom and even called her back so I could here her “country” accent :). I love how adoption and countries can connect hearts of complete strangers.


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