BFF in 5

We had a friend over for dinner last night and what took place 5 minutes after his arrival is a miracle! See, Molly doesn’t go to very many people…okay she goes to ONE person and that’s Hannah her babysitter best friend. Within minutes of Donald’s arrival, Sis was saying “Donald! Write” “Donald UP!” “Donald BOOK!”. As adorable as it was…this will cause much controversy with friends who have been waiting a year for Molly to A. Say their name and B. Let them pick her up for more that 5 seconds. We had a great night with Donald just hanging out. The boys got to show him pics, drawings and tricks while Sis and him became BFF’s. Donald works with Kris at Fellowship and is a creative genius in many ways. He was so kind to come on a YOUTH ski trip with us just for “fun”. We appreciate his insight/support and encouragement!


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